Keen Butcher

A proactive Senior Engineer solving software and hardware problems with Data

Work Experience

  • Meta (VMS Via Fresh Consulting)

    • Facebook Reality Labs - Senior Mechanical/Data Engineer

  • Ilmarinen LLC

    • Proprietary Drones - Senior Mechanical Engineer

  • Boeing

    • KC-46A Aerial Refueling - Design Engineer

    • Proprietary Design - Design Engineer

    • NASA Space Launch System - Manufacturing Engineer

    • NASA International Space Station - Sustaining Engineer

  • Dell

    • Enterprise Storage Group - Acoustic Engineer

Highlighted Qualifications and Skills

  • Masters and Bachelors (Cum Laude) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania

  • Natural leader seeking roles to grow that skillset

  • Proactive worker who doesn't shy away from owning a problem

  • Easy to work with, seeks other's views and personal feedback

  • Demonstrated technical success on a variety of projects

  • Communicates complex information to both technical and non-technical stakeholders

  • Productive in remote environments with global suppliers

  • Life-Long Learner who doesn't shy away from new fields

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