Spacecraft, Aircraft, Consumer Electronics, and Computing

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Meta VMS via Fresh Consulting - Facebook Reality Labs (2022-present)

My current role is dynamic and fast-paced. Here, I do hardware design on new projects. Building on the hardware experience I have from clean-design to customer delivery, I have spent about half my time as a data scientist to drive critical decisions. I have been working mostly on small teams, using Python Toolboxes such as Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-learn to progress Reality Labs new projects.

I have significant experience using NX, MATLAB, and Python to ideate, design, produce, and validate functional prototypes of electro-mechanical systems. I've taken ownership of problems to develop whole solutions. Further, I have sought other places where my solutions could be valuable, and have made organization wide impacts, savings many test engineers more than 1 day a week of manual labor. I've presented my solutions weekly to team stakeholders, and have presented overall projects to executive leadership. I was one of four people recognized at a 270 person all-hands for my proactivity, quality of work, and immediate impact.

Ilmarinen - Skiron-X (2020-2022)

I was in charge of designing the airframe and airframe interface from clean-sheet design, as well as managing the aircraft in SolidWorks PDM. After design, I worked directly with our procurement and suppliers to get all parts on hand, and I worked collaboratively to final assembly and test of the airframe. I have excelled in first-time quality within budget and time constraints. I also have run trade studies and defended program-critical design decisions to management.

Overall, this hands-on job has required technical problem solving and communication skills. I coordinated with electrical engineering, software engineering, other mechanical engineers, business development, and external suppliers to drive high-quality, working solutions.

Boeing - KC-46A Tanker, Aerial Refueling (2019-2020)

My first job out of college was a great blend of technical challenges with communication and collaboration. I was a design engineer for the KC-46A Tanker Boom, working on its aerial refueling capabilities. Here, I owned and flowed down supplier requirements by collaborating with industry and company experts. I met frequently with suppliers to coordinate tasks and challenges, as well as the customer to ensure the aircraft is quality. I also worked internally to Boeing, getting design changes, engineering drawing changes, and process improvements approved by regularly presenting to senior leadership.

The forward facing, technical role has been a great fit for me - I received a fiscal award for my work and ability to coordinate and work on a team in April, and received "Far exceeds expectations" on all of my major projects.

Boeing - Phantom Works (Summer 2018)

As I tried to navigate myself further forwards in the design process, I worked in Boeing's proprietary design division in St Louis after my undergrad. Here, I did design and analysis work on a team environment, and I created and animated a 100+ part mechanism in NX Motion. At the end of this internship, I received a fiscal award for my technical input and ability to meet schedule for customer meetings.

Boeing - Space Launch System (Summer 2017)

Walking into a factory every day creating NASA's Deep Space Mars Rocket was an incredible experience! I landed this role with my eyes set on seeing the build side of a program. Here, I was a manufacturing engineer intern and built test stands on a team of 4 interns, and I also acted as a materials manager over millions of parts on a team of 5 people. I really enjoyed my experience here, and felt lucky to work on stuff I was passionate about on the daily.

Boeing - International Space Station (Summer 2016)

My first job at Boeing was on the International Space Station. I wrote a MATLAB GUI that automated temperature differences across the international space station. At the end of the summer, I communicated my code results during Live Space Station missions directly to the Mission Evaluation Room! I also did some documentation for hypervelocity impact testing and got to learn how the ISS survives hits from space debris.

Dell - Enterprise Storage Group

My first job out of college was as an acoustic engineer at Enterprise Storage Group. I collected hard drive data to characterize performance based on different variables. Design Engineers used my data collected to drive design decisions on future hard drives, and manage how current hard drives are used. I presented my data at the end of the summer to a team of 25 engineers. Beyond Dell, this internship taught me how to operate in a corporate environment, network, and just learn the sheer complexity of industry after school.