I'm a passionate senior mechanical engineer who thrives in collaborative environments.

I'm a life-long learner. For the first 7 years of my career, I've been focused on getting a deep understanding of engineering across the entire product life-cycle. I have deliberately worked on all phases of product design, from need-finding all the way to sustaining and operations.

On the soft-skill side, I've worked directly with mechanical, electrical, and software teams, as well as external vendors. My ability to synthesize data and provide key insights, justify decisions, and provide actionable solutions has led to success in getting things done that work correctly the first time, on time, and under budget. I prefer to juggle a lot of things at once and communicate well with people across various platforms and timezones seamlessly.

Moving forward, I'm interested in collaborative roles in technology, engineering, and sustainability. I've found the most success combining my technical skillset with my ability to communicate concisely and engage an audience.

I do well as both a teammate and a leader. Outside of work, I served as Captain and Recruitment Chair for the UPenn Sailing Team, and served as scholastic and social chair for my fraternity.

My hobbies and interests include Sailing, Hiking, Snowboarding, the NFL, Soccer, Running, Board Games, Cooking, and Volleyball.